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Quarterly Updates

October 2021

  • Since the last update, the team has completed an aerial survey of the Curves South of Roscoe project site that provided engineers with overhead images, measurements, and other information. Additional onsite survey work is focused on surveying features such as underground utilities, culverts, and the beds of stream channels.
  • Engineers are also working on the Alternative Analysis, a rough outline of the project plans that identifies different plan options and evaluates the pros and cons of each option. The goal is to determine a preferred alternative by summer 2022.
  • Information about the project, including the latest plans, will be available for viewing at an open house planned for summer 2022. Open house attendees will have the opportunity to offer feedback and ask questions directly to the project team.
  • In the meantime, all are encouraged to continue to reach out with feedback and questions. Please call 406-207-4484 or email Sloane at

Previous Updates

July 2021

  • Survey work for the Curves South of Roscoe project is ongoing and anticipated to wrap up next month. This work outlines numerous details about the surrounding land and highway, helping engineers determine the feasibility of different alignments as they move towards creating a straighter road. Once survey work is complete, a new alignment will be chosen and a rough outline of project plans, known as the Alignment and Grade Report, will be developed.
  • The staff aims to conduct a joint in-person open house showcasing both the Curves South of Roscoe and the Highway 78 – Red Lodge to Luther projects in the spring of 2022. More information will be provided as that time approaches. However, meetings are not the only opportunity to touch base. Please call 406-207-4484 or email Takami at

April 2021

  • Curves South of Roscoe connects to Highway 78 – Red Lodge to Luther and will straighten the curves near Butcher Creek. Residents may see workers surveying the land in the area this spring. These workers take note of things such as nearby utilities, culverts and ways water is moving, and the geology of the land.
  • This work is in the beginning stages and a straighter alignment for the road has not yet been chosen. More information on this project and alignment options will be available at the Highway 78 open house later this fall. The public is encouraged to provide feedback at that event and any time prior as well. Towards the start of 2022, this project will begin the alignment and grade review, which solidifies where the new alignment will be.
  • You are always welcome to reach out with thoughts and questions at any time. Please call 406-207-4484 or email Takami at