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I-90 Quinn Creek Road Bridges Project Accelerated Bridge Construction

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Accelerated Bridge Construction

MDT plans to use Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods for replacing the two bridges over Quinn Creek Road. ABC is a fast-tracked construction technique that reduces the construction time of the bridges and requires fewer traffic delays.

MDT anticipates constructing the replacement bridges in the median, and then sliding the new structures into their final position in the roadway. This construction method will require Quinn Creek Road to be temporarily closed at times for safety. These temporary closures will generally be between 15 to 35 minutes. While the existing bridges are being demolished and removed, and while the new replacement bridges are being slid into final position, there will likely be temporary closures of Quinn Creek Road that may last several hours. MDT is seeking public input and evaluating the best possible time to conduct these closures including overnight, weekend or weekday options.

During construction, it is anticipated that Interstate 90 traffic impacts will include lane shifts, reduced lane widths and crossovers traffic patterns. Traffic on Quinn Creek Road will likely be reduced to alternating one-way traffic with slight delays beneath the bridges. Temporary closures beneath the bridges are possible while the bridges are being replaced.