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Lincoln Rd - Montana to I-15

Project Overview

Lincoln Road project area

The study area is located approximately six miles north of Helena and includes the intersections of Lincoln Road with North Montana Avenue and the Interstate 15 (I- 15) ramp terminals at the Lincoln Interchange. The land use adjacent to Lincoln Road currently consists of irrigated farm land, commercial businesses, and residential dwellings.

The north valley outside of Helena has experienced rapid growth in recent years due in part to development activity and changes in land use. Traffic volumes have been increasing rapidly near the Lincoln Interchange. The recent construction of the Custer Interchange has also resulted in changes to traffic patterns and operations at the Lincoln Interchange. As a result, traffic performance has deteriorated as congestion has increased. The area is currently experiencing heavy vehicle congestion during the peak hours and is expected to experience increased growth in the coming years due to continued development. If remained unchanged, increasing vehicle delay and safety issues are likely to compound.

Lincoln Road project area congestion

A traffic study was completed to identify and evaluate potential options to improve safety and operations for the Lincoln Road Interchange and the intersection of Lincoln Road and North Montana Avenue. The alternatives identified in the study are intended to be implementable in the short-term and do not include full reconstruction of the Lincoln Interchange or the Lincoln Road corridor. Potential barriers and constraints to project development are important to help determine the feasibility of developing the alternatives.