In 2013, MDT began a traffic study to identify and evaluate potential traffic safety and operation improvements at the intersections on Lincoln Road at Montana Avenue and I 15.

The traffic study identified and evaluated several intersection improvement options. MDT presented traffic signal and roundabout improvement options to the public in November 2014. Based on public input and additional engineering analysis, MDT identified a preferred alternative and concept design. The preferred alternative was presented to the public in June 2017. Changes and new features to the alternative were update and presented to the public in 2018 and 2019. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2022.

The alternatives identified in the study are intended to be implementable in the short-term and do not include full reconstruction of the Lincoln Interchange or the Lincoln Road corridor. Potential barriers and constraints to project development are important to help determine the feasibility of developing the alternatives.

Final Traffic Engineering Report

Project Process and Anticipated Schedule

Project initiated and traffic study performed 2013-2014
Corridor improvement options presented to public Nov. 2014
Improvement options evaluated and alternative developed 2014-2017
Preferred alternative presented to public June 2017
Draft design plans presented to the public Dec. 2018
Final planned improvements presented to the public Aug. 2019
Finalize design and develop construction plans 2019-2021
Construction information presented to public Spring 2022
Construction begins 2022