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Lewistown Street And Sidewalk Improvements

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Coronavirus Response

The Montana Department of Transportation together with its construction contracting partners continue to take the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. Construction projects on Montana’s roads and bridges are considered an “essential” operation and will continue moving forward as scheduled in 2020. Construction workers will continue several measures to help keep employees, contractors and the public safe during the construction season. Some of the measures include following social distancing and good hygiene guidelines, and not reporting to work if showing symptoms of illness. For more information visit

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Project Overview

Construction on the Lewistown Street and Sidewalk Improvements project is scheduled to begin in April 2020, with some preconstruction and utility work anticipated to begin in early 2020. The project is located within Lewistown in Fergus County, MT and aims to address current and future traffic and pedestrian mobility needs along Main Street and portions of the U.S. Highway 191/Truck Bypass. The project includes 3 connecting segments:

Main Street

This portion of the project includes 1.8 miles of Main Street from 15th Avenue North, extending northeast to Marcella Avenue/Meadowlark Lane. Improvements will include roadway resurfacing, vault closure, tree removal and replacement, sidewalk reconstruction, and curb and gutter installation.

1st Avenue North

This portion of the project will resurface .33 miles of 1st Avenue North from the intersection with Main Street to the intersection with U.S. Hwy 191/1st Ave N. In addition to roadway resurfacing, improvements will include bridge repair, drainage improvements, and the installation of sidewalk, curb, and gutter.

Truck Route

This portion of the project will improve a portion of the U.S. Highway 191/Truck Bypass/6th Avenue North, beginning at the intersection of 6th Avenue North and U.S. Highway 191 extending westward 2.3 miles. Improvements will include resurfacing the roadway and improvements to drainage, guardrail, sidewalk, curb, and gutter.

The Lewistown Street and Sidewalk Improvements project improves the condition of the roadway and extends the service life/quality of Main Street and the U.S. Highway 191/Truck Bypass. It also improves ADA and overall pedestrian access and upgrades signal systems and lighting, increasing overall safety in downtown Lewistown and along the truck bypass. Improvement to these routes are important for residents, agriculture, and freight traveling to and from the Lewiston community.

Once completed, the new infrastructure will meet transportation design, environment, and safety standards. Construction is expected to be complete in the fall of 2020.

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