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Van Buren Noise Abatement Survey

Residents and property owners living within two blocks of the proposed noise abatement have been surveyed and responses tallied according to MDT Noise Policy guidelines.

Noise Abatement Aesthetics

Click on the Survey link below to provide comments and preferences for noise abatement. The information contained in this survey was presented at the February 12, 2013 meeting of the Upper and Lower Rattlesnake Groups in Missoula. If you have specific questions regarding the survey or the proposed noise abatement, contact at MDT 406-444-7659 or at MDT in Missoula 406-523-5830.

Previous results of resident and landowner support for building noise abatement: 41 votes in favor of noise abatement, 8 votes against. Rate of return on this survey was 47% for owners and 8% for renters.

MDT is proceeding with the design of the proposed noise abatement. If you have questions, contact at MDT Environmental Services, 406-444-7659.