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Project Overview

The MT 200 Curve Widening project is one of multiple projects planned for the Montana Highway 200 (MT 200) corridor that will enhance roadway safety features for travelers. This project focuses on the curve near Ayers Colony, mile marker 106, west of Grass Range . Safety enhancements will include widened 4-foot shoulders, slope flattening, and a seal and cover (chip seal).

Construction is anticipated to begin this year. Traffic control will be in place. Motorists can expect reduced speeds, single-lane traffic, and possible delays when traveling through the project area. No detours will be maintained.

MT 200 Curve Widening map

Frequently Asked Questions

When is construction scheduled for?

This contract is scheduled for bidding on May 16th, 2024. Construction is scheduled to begin in July 2024.

Is this project related to other MT 200 project(s)?

While this project is not directly related to other MT 200 projects, like MT 200 Bridges Lewistown Area and MT 200 Shoulder and Slope Improvements, they are in close proximity and happening in 2024 and 2025. To view all active MT 200 projects, please view the Lewistown Projects Interactive Map.

Will there be road closures?

Road closures are not anticipated for this project.

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