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MT 21 Bridges (Simms – Augusta)

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MT-21 Elk Creek – Hogan Bridges


MP 0.1 (Elk Creek), MP 0.2 (Elk Creek Overflow) and MP 0.7 (Hogan Slough) (Detours or temporary closures will be determined at a later date.)


A consultant has been hired to do floodplain modeling, bridge alternative analysis and the preliminary hydraulics report. We expect an Existing Conditions Memo in mid-June and the Preliminary Report in mid-August.


The main Elk Creek bridge suffered some scour and maintenance has placed some riprap in the channel to protect the bridge piers. It will be replaced with a new bridge.

The hydraulic study will help us make a determination of whether culverts or bridges are best to handle the flow at the Elk Creek Overflow.