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Malcolm “Mack” Long, Director


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MT 21 Bridges (Simms – Augusta)

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Project Maps

Location Map

MT-21 Bridges project map

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Locations (by mileposts)

  • (Elk Creek), 0.2 (Elk Creek Overflow), and 0.7 (Hogan Slough): Due to recent flood events, the work type and schedules for these bridges are being re-evaluated.
  • 18.7 (Fort Shaw Canal): minor deck widening and guardrail upgrades
  • 9.2 (Dry Creek), 17.9 (Heppler Coulee), and 19.8 (Simms Creek): new wider bridge decks and guardrail upgrades
  • 12.0, 14.5 & 17.4: replace bridges with culverts
  • 4.25: Lengthen irrigation culvert