Performance Programming Process (Px3)

The Department's Performance Programming Process (Px3) ensures that the best system wide investment decisions are made given:

  • Overall direction from our customers;
  • Available resources; and
  • System performance monitored over time.

MDT defines v as:
"A method to develop an optimal investment plan and measure progress in moving toward strategic transportation system goals"

One of the main components of Px3 is asset management. Asset management is a process to strategically manage the transportation system in a cost-effective, safe, efficient, and environmentally sensitive manner. It is based on managing for results by focusing on performance. The major elements of an asset management system are:

  • Establishing goals and objectives through development of a strategic plan;
  • Collecting data to measure progress toward achieving the established goals and objectives;
  • Using management systems to control the various processes;
  • Developing appropriate performance measures;
  • Identifying standards and benchmarks;
  • Developing alternative analyses procedures;
  • Making decisions based on these results and developing an appropriate program;
  • Implementing the program; and
  • Monitoring and reporting results of actions taken.

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