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Quartz Flats Rest Area

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Project Overview

The Montana Department of Transportation is improving the Quartz Flats Rest Areas on Interstate 90 between Superior and Alberton. The rest area serves travelers year round, and is the gateway to the U.S. Forest Service Quartz Flat campground during the summer.

The planned improvements include:

  • Reconstructing rest area buildings
  • Increasing wastewater system capacity
  • Improving water treatment systems
  • Reconstructing parking lot to increase capacity

The Quartz Flats Rest Area was originally built in 1967 and rehabilitated in 1989. The facilities are showing signs of wear and tear and are designed for lower traffic volumes. The improvements will provide new facilities, reduce maintenance costs, and prevent wear and tear.

Quartz Flats Rest Area Photo
Quartz Flats Rest Area Photo
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Anticipated Project Schedule

Final Plan Report completed: Summer 2020
Construction plans developed Fall/Winter 2020
Construction plans finalized Spring 2021
Construction begins Summer 2021
Construction completed Summer 2022

Stay Involved

Public involvement is important to MDT and the success of the project. The community will be notified about public involvement opportunities through the project website, local media, mailings, social media and other communication channels throughout the project development process. Questions and comments can be directed to Brandon Coates via email or by phone at 406-465-3350.

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