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Rimrock 62nd ST West Intersection

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Project Overview

Due to accident history, the proposed project has been nominated to improve safety at the intersection of Rimrock Road and 62nd St. W. in Billings.

Rimrock 62nd ST West Intersection map
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Project Basics

This project will be developed in two phases:

  • "Other" (OT) Phase (Phase I) - accurately assess the need, feasibility, and fundability for conceptual intersection improvements with the implementation of a roundabout. If feasible, move to Phase II.
  • “Design and R/W” Phase (Phase II) - complete detailed design and secure necessary right-of-way so that the project can ultimately be constructed.

Purpose of the project: to improve safety at the intersection.

Roundabout Specifics:

  • 12-ft. lanes, 4-ft paved shoulders on non-curbed sections
  • 12-ft. lanes, 2-ft shoulders on curbed sections
  • 18-ft. paved and striped median on the north leg
  • Variable width raised median
  • 8-ft. sidewalks (with 7-ft. boulevards) around roundabout only to connect ramps
  • LED lighting

General Roundabout Statistics:

  • 90% reduction in fatal accidents
  • 75% reduction in crashes resulting in injury
  • 40% reduction in pedestrian accidents

Project Timeline

  • Completed
    • Control Survey/Topographic Survey/Cadastral Survey
    • Utility Designations
    • Cultural/Noise Analysis
    • Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation
    • Preliminary Irrigation Research
    • Preliminary Traffic Study
    • Ownership Study
    • Preliminary Roundabout Layout
    • Utility Coordination Meetings
  • Upcoming
    • Preliminary Plan review – 30% Design (Summer 2019)
    • Future Public Involvement (Late Summer/Fall 2019)
    • Finalize OT Phase and Project Feasibility Report (Fall 2019)
    • Phase II – Design and R/W Phase (TBD)
    • Right of Way Acquisition (TBD)
    • Construction (TBD) depending on feasibility, R/W, and funding

UPN 9383000