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Active Project - US 212 Reconstruction - Rockvale to Laurel

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US 212 Reconstruction - Rockvale to Laurel


We welcome your input!

There will be opportunities throughout the design of the project to give us your thoughts and ideas on the project. We'll keep all the project information on this website for your review. Keep checking back to see what is coming up in the near future.

You may submit comments about the project..

By e-mail to:

By phone to:

Or by mail to:
US 212 Reconstruction - Rockvale to Laurel
222 N 32nd Street
Billings, Montana 59101

Please read the Comment Acceptance and Privacy Policies below before submitting comments.

Comment Purpose

A full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) have been developed for this project. Links to those documents are provided in the Meetings/Documents section. Extensive public involvement, including opportunities to provide comments, was included as part of the process to develop those documents. This section of the site provides yet another opportunity to inform the project team about design features that are important to you. Each comment received is reviewed by the project team and becomes part of the project's official record. For your comment to be of value to the project team, please be sure that your comment provides ideas, suggestions, recommendations, or experiences that will assist us in providing the best possible project within the constraints of the ROD.

Comment Acceptance Policy

Comments and questions about the project from members of the public can be submitted both by direct email to project team members and via the comments page of this web site. Where a reply is requested and contact details provided, a personal reply will be made by telephone or email.

Privacy Policy

Your full comment, with personal identifiers, is part of the official project record; therefore subject to the freedom of information requests. All comments received are available for review at the project sponsor's or DOWL HKM's office. This information will be used solely by the project team for project purposes, such as responses to questions, project statistics, and project mailings. It will not be shared with anyone or used for anything other than project purposes.