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Salmon Lake Highway Reconstruction

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Project Overview

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) will reconstruct Highway 83 along the east side of Salmon Lake beginning in 2022. Safety improvements include constructing a wider roadway, improving the alignment, and improved slopes and ditches.

Due to the highway's location in this popular recreational and tourist area, MDT is committed to working closely with the public and stakeholders throughout the design and construction process.

There will be several opportunities to engage with the project team, and MDT encourages you to get involved, share your input and learn more about this important highway safety project.

Salmon Lake image
Salmon Lake
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Montana's roads and bridges are mainly funded through a combination of federal (88.5%) and state/local (11.5%) funding sources. MDT receives no funding from Montana's general fund revenue. Federal road and bridge revenues are generated from the users of our highways through gasoline and diesel fuel taxes and apportioned to states through federal highway legislation.

Project Area Map

Salmon Lake Highway Reconstruction Project Area Map
Salmon Lake Highway Reconstruction Project Area Map
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The Department welcomes your comments on the Salmon Lake Highway Improvements.

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