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Shelby-Toole County Community Transportation Safety Plan

photo of downtown Shelby, MT


The Community Transportation Safety Plan is scheduled for a six-month time frame. The Transportation Safety Plan began on August 18, 2010, with the final plan anticipated to be completed by March 2011. The Consultant has meet with the community Transportation Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) and has analyzed available community safety related crash data. TSAC has met for ½ day meeting and determined a goal and identified potential safety emphasis areas for the Shelby-Toole County Community Transportation Safety Plan.

Proposed Work Plan and Time Line
Kickoff Meeting August 18, 2010
Request Available Data Within 2 weeks
TSAC Mission Memo Month 1
Results of Data Analysis Month 2
Half-day TSAC Meeting Month 3
Safety Summit Month 4
Draft and Final Plan Month 5
Presentation of Final Plan to TSAC Month 6