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Stevensville Pavement Preservation & ADA

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The Montana Department of Transportation will be updating sidewalk corners along Route 269 in conjunction with pavement preservation efforts. Updates to sidewalk corners will allow all users to more easily get on and off sidewalks, including people with disabilities, parents with strollers, small children on bikes, delivery drivers and older adults.

Stevensville ADA is rooted in Montana Department of Transportation’s ongoing efforts to provide greater accessibility to residents and visitors across Montana. These improvements are part of the Montana Department of Transportation’s Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan.

Where Are ADA Improvements Located?

Stevensville Pavement Preservation and ADA - ADA Map
Stevensville Pavement Preservation & ADA - ADA Map
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How will Stevensville ADA Improve Accessibility?

person in wheel chair at not accessible ramp on left side image and person with wheel chair accessible ramp on right image

New curbs will have gentler slopes to ease a wheeled device down and new landing areas at the top where pedestrians can turn to access the sidewalk.

Additionally, tools to help vision impairments called "detectable warnings" will be installed at updated street corners. Detectable warnings are the colored and textured surfaces found in the areas where a curb ramp connects with the street. These features provide a sensory warning to users with vision impairments, alerting them that they are entering a roadway where vehicle traffic is present.

The new street corners are also designed to limit water pooling in areas where the curb ramp transitions into the roadway keeping everyone’s shoes dry.

Public Impact

Approximately 20 curb ramps will be updated in Stevensville along Route 269 to become more accessible.

The streamlined construction process used to upgrade curb ramps is designed to reduce the time required to finish these improvements. Work will be completed during the day, so the public is asked to prepare for minor mild noise disturbances and minor pedestrian detours.

MDT and its partners are united in their intention to minimize disruption to the down town community in Stevensville.