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Active Project - US-2 Swamp Creek East Project

US-2 Swamp Creek East

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Project Overview

The Montana Department of Transportation is improving US Highway 2 approximately 15 miles southeast of Libby. The project will reconstruct five miles of roadway and replace a bridge over Swamp Creek. Construction is anticipated to be completed by late fall 2019.

The project includes:

  • Widening the travel lanes to 12 feet.
  • Adding 4-foot shoulders.
  • Replacing a bridge over Swamp Creek with a wider single-span concrete bridge.
  • Repaving the roadway.
US-2 Swamp Creek East project map
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Swamp Creek Bridge

Finished bridge desk

Work to replace a bridge over Swamp Creek was significantly completed in 2018. The original bridge was a narrow bridge that had deteriorated over the years and needed to be replaced. Rehabilitation and maintenance of the bridge was no longer practical.

The new bridge is a much wider, single-span concrete design that will serve motorists well into the future. The new design includes 12-feet wide travel lanes and 8-foot shoulders. The bridge will be opened to traffic later this year once improvements to the roadway are completed.

US Highway 2

Construction equipment

US 2 serves as an important lifeline for Lincoln County. The roadway has settled and deteriorated due to the soft soils and swamp-like conditions in the area. The reconstruction of the roadway will provide motorists a safer and smoother driving surface.

Due to the poor soil conditions, MDT will utilize an innovative building feature called “Geofoam” to build the roadway. Geofoam is a synthetic block compound that takes the place of regular fill dirt. It has been used successfully around the country to increase longevity and stability in areas with difficult soil conditions.

2019 Anticipated Construction Schedule

Construction begins May 2019
Construction is complete Late Fall 2019
Chip-seal the roadway Summer 2020