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Yellowstone River Bridge Project

Project Overview

Existing Structure

The current bridge (locally referred to as the "KPRK Bridge"); was constructed in 1934 and is considered functionally obsolete due to its narrow width. This structure provides a single eleven foot wide lane in each direction.

Project Purpose and Need

The purpose of the proposed action is to improve the safety of the Yellowstone River Bridge in a manner that is affordable, that recognizes public concerns and that complies with all applicable standards. Improvements are proposed to address safety concerns through the year 2030. The project needs include:

  • Need to improve safety
  • Need to improve roadway deficiencies
  • Need to accommodate alternative modes of transportation

The Yellowstone River Bridge presents safety concerns due to narrow travel lanes, lack of shoulders and substandard bridge rail. Several sideswipe-opposite direction crashes have occurred on this bridge. The potential for these types of crashes increases when I-90 traffic is detoured through the project area due to high winds. During the I-90 closures, commercial trucks represent a higher than normal percentage of the traffic on the narrow bridge. The narrow travel lanes and lack of shoulders also provide no space for pedestrians and bicyclists to safely cross the bridge. This results in potential pedestrian/bicycle conflicts with vehicles on the bridge.

The bridge is considered "functionally obsolete" because it is too narrow. In addition to being narrow, the existing bridge has substandard bridge rail. The structure is fracture critical due to the two girder system, which means that the structure could fail if one of the girders fails because there are only two girders supporting the bridge.

Yellowstone River Bridge project location map

Contract Information

A contract to construct a 640 foot long steel girder structure over the Yellowstone River on US 89 (East Park Street) east of Livingston was awarded to Sletten Construction Company on September 4, 2012.

  • Bid Amount- $8,611,297.90.
  • The new bridge will provide twelve foot driving lanes w/eight foot wide shoulders in each direction.
  • The new bridge will provide a ten foot wide multi-use path along the south side of the bridge deck.
  • Work Began- October 1, 2012.
  • Estimated completion- September 2013.
  • US 89 at the project site will be closed to through traffic beginning January 6, 2013. The road will remain closed until the new bridge is opened (September 2013).
  • Project personnel contact information will be attached along with this page.