MDT's brand is something that positively identifies and distinguishes us from other state agencies and businesses.
Read MDT's Brand Guide (currently being updated - check back).

Logo Use Guidelines

The MDT logo is used on all materials produced or distributed by the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), including materials produced or distributed by consultants.

For appropriate use guidelines, please read MDT's Brand Guide (currently being updated - check back).


  • when more than one logo is shown, MDT's logo should appear equivalent in size to other logos.
  • the logo should be large enough to read the department's name.
  • care should be taken to prevent distortion of the logo when re-sizing it.

Do not:

  • Skew or change the logo's aspect ratio
  • Rotate or change the direction of the logo
  • Place the dark logo on a dark background
  • Create a white box around the logo
  • Embellish the logo with a drop shadow or other special effects
  • Animate the logo
  • Add imagery or text behind or around the logo
  • Overlay anything on top of the logo
  • Use old versions of the logo

If you downloaded and saved older versions of the MDT logo, please delete them now to avoid inadvertent use of an older, unauthorized logo.

Questions? Please contact the MDT Communications Team.

Thank you!