These research results web pages provide access to a number of documents developed as part of this research. Some of the documents are informational and some are intended to be working documents.

The Final Research Report contains a descriptive narrative of the key points of Industry Best Practices (IBP) for a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

The practical application of the results of this research is contained in the SDLC Outline page which provides the key elements of the SDLC process resulting from this research and links to the various documents that support it. This web page can be used as a general outline for the entire SDLC resulting from this research.

The SDLC Process page represents the SDLC resulting from this research as sets of related processes.

The SDLC Forms page contains a table of all the SDLC documents and forms included as part of the research results.

The Documents HowTo page describes the process for building the documents developed as part of this research from the XML source files.