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Bicycles & Transit

bike on front of bus at bus stop

Combining transit with a bicycle ride can expand your pedal-powered reach much further across cities and regions within Montana. Using transit when cycling can also shorten your commuting time as well as decrease the difficulty of the trip. For instance,

  • If you expect inclement weather during your ride, put your bike on the bus until the weather improves, then continue your ride.
  • If you have a lengthy, steep hill in your commute, you can bike downhill and then take the bus back up the hill on your way home.
  • Many bridges have less than ideal bicycle or pedestrian access. By loading your bike on the bus and crossing a bridge you have expanded your bicycle access to another area of your community.

Local Transit Services that offer bicycle accommodations:

For more information and details regarding services offered please inquiry with your local transit provider. To find information about all the regional transportation systems in Montana please visit the Montana Public Transportation Systems Map.

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Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator, MDT