Listen to Real Survivors

Each year, some 200 people die on Montana roads. Thousands more lives are shattered by severe injuries and grief.

More than 70 percent of these deaths and injuries involved people not wearing a seatbelt or of driving while intoxicated. Which means this pain and heartbreak could have been prevented ... and that gives us hope that by driving safely, we as a state might reach zero deaths.

To help us understand the stories behind life or death on the road, we've recorded five survivors who tell the sometimes harrowing details of their crash, the pain of loss, the relief of survival, the surprise of having walked away ... the lives shattered and saved based on the choices made on the road.

Listen to their stories. Let's work toward zero deaths on Montana roads ... starting right now.

AJ - "I had dreams where I was still rolling."

A passenger in a car rolled by a drunk driver, A.J. talks about his crash, coma and long recovery. #VisionZeroMT

sculpture garden AJ

Erin - "My friend is dying in front of me."

Hit head on by a drunk driver, Erin explains in haunting detail the accident and the aftermath. #VisionZeroMT

sculpture garden Erin

Boone - "People die from way less."

Boone walks away from a terrible rollover, and goes on to run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, at age 17.

sculpture garden Boone

Dan - "Wow, what did we just survive?"

Sent into a roll at 70 mph, everything in Dan's truck was sucked from the cab. Except Dan and his wife.

sculpture garden Dan

Amber - "I woke up to the sound of my girls crying."

A gust of wind and a wandering trailer was all it took to change Amber's life forever.

sculpture garden Amber