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Selective Traffic Enforcement Program

The Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) combines intensive enforcement of specific traffic safety laws with extensive communication, education, and outreach informing the public about the enforcement activity.

Safety Enforcement Traffic Team

MDT funds the Montana Highway Patrol (MHP) to provide a Safety Enforcement Traffic Team known as SETT. The purpose of the extra patrols is to improve public safety by deterring and detecting impaired driving, speeding, and a host of other traffic safety offenses as well as provide education to the motoring public.

The SETT team moves around the state to focus on high crash corridors and events known to be associated with alcohol consumption. Special attention by law enforcement is believed to be one of the contributing factors to achievement of the Montana Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan goal to reduce fatalities and incapacitating injuries in high crash locations.


For more information about STEP or SETT, or to obtain STEP forms and reports, please contact:

Spencer Harris
(406) 444-0856 | Email