It's a myth if you think you drive better under the influence. Our own Myth Crasher Crew goes to extremes to show you the truth.

Pace Yourself!
Think pacing yourself works? Think again!

Take it to the extreme to keep your friends safe
Creative ways to keep your friends from driving under the influence

You drive better intoxicated?
Beer goggles prove just how wrong you are


People who don't wear seat belts spout myths and make excuses. And, you know what? The truth shatters the myths. Seat belts save lives. It's been proven repeatedly by car manufacturers, government testing, accident reports and now our own Myth Crasher Crew.

Putting on a seat belt is a hassle?
Find out what's actually a bigger hassle, including a close call with Salmonella.



Afraid your dress will be wrinkled?
Prom, cocktail, pioneer, flapper and "what the heck is that?"
Our intrepid crew tests them all.