Drugged driving is the use of legal or illegal substances that impact driving ability. Drugged Driving in Montana is illegal.

Montana Code Annotated

Drug and drug/alcohol-impaired driving is a complex problem.

  • Hundreds of different drugs (legal and illegal) can impair drivers.
  • Drug presence in the body affects driving ability and effects vary from driver to driver.
  • Drugs and alcohol mixed is dangerous and can further diminish a driver’s ability to drive safely.
  • Drug presence in impaired drivers is often underreported due to the complexity/costs of testing.

The Problem

According to national reports, drugged driving trends are increasing. Similarly, in Montana, DUI Crashes and DUI cases that have both alcohol/drugs are increasing. Drugs being a factor continues to increase in impaired driving related fatalities.

The Montana Department of Justice, Forensic Science Division produces an Annual Toxicology Report that provides state level drugged driving data.