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What is Drugged Driving

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Drugged driving is the use of legal or illegal substances that impact driving ability. Drugged Driving in Montana is illegal.

Drug and drug/alcohol-impaired driving is a complex problem.

  • Hundreds of different drugs (legal and illegal) can impair drivers.
  • Drug presence in the body affects driving ability and effects vary from driver to driver.
  • Drugs and alcohol mixed is dangerous and can further diminish a driver’s ability to drive safely.
  • Drug presence in impaired drivers is often underreported due to the complexity/costs of testing.

The Problem

According to national reports, drugged driving trends are increasing. Similarly, in Montana, DUI Crashes and DUI cases that have both alcohol/drugs are increasing. Drugs being a factor continues to increase in impaired driving related fatalities.

The Montana Department of Justice, Forensic Science Division produces an Annual Toxicology Report that provides state level drugged driving data.

Montana's Resources

The Montana Department of Transportation supports the Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan, which includes strategies to reduced drug impaired driving. MDT also offers a variety of funding opportunities for programs at the state and local level that aim to mitigate drugged driving.

The Montana Highway Patrol implements and maintains programs to detect and deter drugged drivers including: Safety Enforcement Traffic Team ( SETT), Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP), Standard Field Sobriety Testing (SFST), Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) and Drug Recognition Experts (DRE’s).

The Montana Department of Justice (MDOJ) has a variety of programs and produced statewide substance abuse report:

The Montana Department of Health and Human Services provides a variety of services to mitigate substance abuse:

National Resources