Planning ahead for safe ride is the smart thing to do. It's also surprisingly easy and social.

  • Designate a Driver
    Friends don't let friends drive drunk. So, before you head out, text, IM or Facebook each other and plan who's going to drive and not drink. It's an easy thing to do and it's best done before you get to the bar or party.
  • Arrange for a Pick Up
    Don't wait until you're at the party or bar to think about a ride. Have a friend or relative who isn't drinking ready to give you a ride. Then when you're ready to leave, drop them a text.
  • Keep Ride Options on Speed Dial
    Maybe it's a friend, a coworker or your mom, but have that go-to number in your phone and if you find yourself at a bar or party without a ride call them. They'll pick you up.
  • Use A Ride Home Program
    Across Montana, DUI task forces have ride home programs and so do many organizations like AAA.
  • Plan Your Own Ride Program
    Parties are fun. And whether you're throwing one for work or for friends, you can be the life of the party. Create a plan with cabs or designated drivers to get everyone home safely.
  • Plan to Spend the Night
    Crashing on the couch is much better than crashing on the road. If you're going to a friend's for a party, why not just stay the night?
  • Call a Cab
    Not everyone in Montana has this luxury, but if you're in any of the larger communities you do. And you know what? Thanks to ride home programs, many will even get you home for free!
  • Know Your Limit
    Using a blood alcohol calculator can help you judge a safe amount for you to drink, even before you head out for the evening. So use one. It'll stop you from trying to keep up with your friend who outweighs you by 120 pounds.
  • Train Your Horse Well
    Okay, it's a bit of a stretch, but a real cowboy would ride his horse to the bar or train old Trigger to pick him up before he'd even think about driving under the influence.