Web-based Crash Reporting

MDT is providing funding to the Montana Highway Patrol (MHP) to implement a statewide, web-based crash reporting program for all law enforcement agencies (LEAs) that report crash data with the goal of uniform crash reporting. For those LEAs with their own electronic data systems, a mechanism will be developed to allow those agencies the ability to enter the data into their own system then transmit the required data electronically into the MHP system. MHP is reaching out to local police and sheriff’s offices to ensure all LEAs will have the resources to make the switch from the older system to the more robust, MMUCC-compliant system. MHP will train and support the locals on the use of the web based crash form with formal trainings beginning once testing is complete and a phased roll-out plan is developed.

The Miles City Police Department will be the first LEA to begin using the new system as production testers before deployment to the rest of the state. As part of the outreach to local law enforcement, MHP is also reaching out to the individual tribes to determine the best way to meet everyone’s needs in sharing crash data. The ultimate goal is to electronically gather non-sensitive tribal crash information using the same system developed for the rest of the state. Once the web-based crash system is in use by local law enforcement, a model tribal-specific collection plan will be presented to tribal officials and law enforcement for consideration.


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