Montana Department of Transportation

Mobile Impaired Driving Assessment Center


The Mobile Impaired Driving Assessment Center (MIDAC) was purchased in 2007 and is managed by the Montana Highway Patrol. The MIDAC is regularly deployed to events around the state, such as university athletic events, basketball tournaments, safety spot checks, and large community events that have in the past been associated with high consumption of alcohol.

The center serves as a general deterrent because of its bold presence. For those who do still choose to drive impaired, however, officers are able to bring DUI suspects to the center to perform standard field sobriety testing (SFST) and drug evaluation testing, rather than having to transport individuals long distances to the nearest testing location. Offenders are temporarily held at the MIDAC until they can be picked up by a sober friend or transported to a jail.

The Montana Highway Patrol (MHP) welcomes participation and usage of the MIDAC by other law enforcement entities that they can share during special events such as fairs, rodeos, rock concerts, etc. Sharing the MIDAC provides an opportunity to build relationships among the various law enforcement agencies, and to enhance efficiency.

Although MIDAC deployments are limited during the winter months, thousands of people are exposed to the MIDAC each year either through education, DUI processing, or as a display at scheduled events.

MIDAC Vehicle


To request the MIDAC, please contact:

, MHP Trooper