Montana has approximately 120 public use airports located across the state in every county, except Wibaux. Montana also has a large number of private use airports. Private use airport registration in Montana is voluntary, however, we estimate that Montana has over 450 active private use airstrips.

Runway conditions at our various airports are as diverse as Montana's landscape. Because local conditions can make landing hazardous, we highly encourage airport users to thoroughly research the airport that they are flying into. Fuel and services at airports also widely vary and changes may not be published on time. Because of this, we also recommend that you check carefully to make sure that you have adequate fuel for an alternate location if unsure about availability. Flying in Montana can be fun, but it is always smart to be prepared. Carry a survival bag!

Airport Directory

Interactive Montana Airport Directory

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Montana Airports

City Airport ID Longest Runway Conditions
Augusta Augusta 3U5 3650 Weather
Baker Baker Municipal BHK 4898 Weather
Augusta Benchmark 3U7 6000 Weather
Butte Bert Mooney BTM 9001 Weather
Big Sandy Big Sandy 3U8 3600 Weather
Culbertson Big Sky Field S85 3800 Weather
Big Timber Big Timber 6S0 5285 Weather
Billings Billings Logan International BIL 10518 Weather
Winifred Black Butte North BB0 1800 Weather
Boulder Boulder 3U9 3675 Weather
Anaconda Bowman Field 3U3 6011 Weather
Bridger Bridger Municipal 6S1 3400 Weather
Broadus Broadus 00F 4400 Weather
Winifred Bullwhacker BW8 1500 Weather
Butte Butte Aero 84U 80 Weather
Townsend Canyon Ferry 8U9 3200 Weather
Choteau Choteau CII 5000 Weather
Circle Circle Town County 4U6 4100 Weather
Colstrip Colstrip M46 5100 Weather
Condon Condon Usfs S04 2575 Weather
Conrad Conrad S01 4601 Weather
Winifred Cow Creek CW0 2200 Weather
Cut Bank Cut Bank Municipal CTB 5300 Weather
Glendive Dawson Community GDV 5704 Weather
Deer Lodge Deer Lodge-City-County 38S 5799 Weather
Dell Dell Flight Strip 4U9 7000 Weather
Denton Denton 5U0 2550 Weather
Dillon Dillon DLN 6500 Weather
Drummond Drummond M26 2400 Weather
Dutton Dutton 5U1 3130 Weather
Chinook Edgar G Obie S71 4000 Weather
Ekalaka Ekalaka 97M 3800 Weather
Ennis Ennis - Big Sky EKS 4700 Weather
Eureka Eureka 88M 4200 Weather
Fairfield Fairfield 5U5 3800 Weather
Hardin Fairgrounds Airpark F02 3542 Weather
Fairview Fairview 5U6 3000 Weather
Big Fork Ferndale Airfield 53U 3500 Weather
Laurel Fly Wm 50MT 4100 Weather
Harlem Fort Belknap Agency U09 3200 Weather
Fort Benton Fort Benton 79S 4300 Weather
Fort Peck Fort Peck 37S 4100 Weather
Fort Smith Fort Smith Landing Strip 5U7 3827 Weather
Miles City Frank Wiley Field MLS 5680 Weather
Bozeman Gallatin Field BZN 9003 Weather
Gardiner Gardiner 29S 3200 Weather
Geraldine Geraldine 5U8 2900 Weather
Kalispell Glacier Park International GPI 9007 Weather
Great Falls Great Falls International GTF 10502 Weather
Harlem Harlem 48S 4100 Weather
Havre Havre City-County HVR 5205 Weather
Chinook Hebbelman 4U4 3650 Weather
Helena Helena Regional HLN 9000 Weather
Hinsdale Hinsdale 6U5 2200 Weather
Hogeland Hogeland 6U6 3140 Weather
Hot Springs Hot Springs S09 3550 Weather
Hysham Hysham 6U7 3060 Weather
Jordan Jordan JDN 4300 Weather
Kalispell Kalispell City S27 3600 Weather
Winifred Knox Ridge MT3 2100 Weather
Wolf Point L M Clayton OLF 5091 Weather
Laurel Laurel Municipal 6S8 5200 Weather
Lavina Lavina 80S 3460 Weather
Winifred Left Coulee LC0 1600 Weather
Lewistown Lewistown Municipal LWT 6100 Weather
Libby Libby S59 5000 Weather
Chester Liberty County LTY 4607 Weather
Lincoln Lincoln S69 4239 Weather
Seeley Lake Lindey's Landing West M35 14000 Weather
Malta Malta M75 4500 Weather
Meadow Creek Meadow Creek Usfs 0S1 2830 Weather
Superior Mineral County 9S4 3450 Weather
Livingston Mission Field LVM 5701 Weather
Missoula Missoula International MSO 9501 Weather
Opheim Opheim S00 2675 Weather
Plains Plains S34 4650 Weather
Polson Polson 8S1 4195 Weather
Poplar Poplar Municipal PO1 4403 Weather
Hamilton Ravalli County 6S5 4200 Weather
Red Lodge Red Lodge RED 4000 Weather
Richey Richey 7U8 2690 Weather
Philipsburg Riddick Field U05 3600 Weather
Clinton Rock Creek RC0 4100 Weather
Ronan Ronan 7S0 4800 Weather
Sweetgrass Ross International 7S8 2900 Weather
Hamilton Rotorcraft M62 55 Weather
Roundup Roundup RPX 5098 Weather
Russian Flat Russian Flat M42 3000 Weather
Ryegate Ryegate 8U0 3440 Weather
Sand Springs Sand Springs Strip 8U1 2400 Weather
Gildford Sandy Rock 14MT 3490 Weather
Schafer Schafer /Usfs/ 8U2 3200 Weather
Scobey Scobey 9S2 4015 Weather
Scobey Scobey Border Station /East Poplar International/ 8U3 3330 Weather
Seeley Lake Seeley Lake 23S 4575 Weather
Shelby Shelby SBX 5004 Weather
Plentywood Sher-Wood PWD 3900 Weather
Sidney Sidney-Richland Municipal SDY 5705 Weather
Spotted Bear Spotted Bear /Usfs/ 8U4 3800 Weather
St Ignatius St Ignatius 52S 2610 Weather
Ashland St Labre Mission 3U4 3830 Weather
Stanford Stanford S64 4200 Weather
Browning Starr-Browning Airstrip 8S0 4069 Weather
Stevensville Stevensville 32S 3800 Weather
Sunburst Sunburst 8U5 2700 Weather
Terry Terry 8U6 4300 Weather
Thompson Falls Thompson Falls THM 4200 Weather
Three Forks Three Forks 9S5 5100 Weather
Tiber Dam Tiber Dam B70 2550 Weather
Forsyth Tillitt Field 1S3 4799 Weather
Townsend Townsend 8U8 4000 Weather
Troy Troy 57S 3570 Weather
Turner Turner 9U0 3600 Weather
Twin Bridges Twin Bridges 7S1 4300 Weather
Valier Valier 7S7 3075 Weather
West Yellowstone Yellowstone WYS 8400 Weather
Conner West Fork Lodge 4U7 2600 Weather
Harlowton Wheatland County At Harlowton HWQ 4200 Weather
Port Of Del Bonita Whetstone International H28 4440 Weather
White Sulphur Springs White Sulphur Springs 7S6 6100 Weather
Whitefish Whitefish 58S 2560 Weather
Wilsall Wilsall 9U1 3100 Weather
Winifred Winifred 9S7 2405 Weather
Winnett Winnett 7S2 3130 Weather
Wisdom Wisdom 7S4 3445 Weather
Wise River Wise River 02T 4050 Weather
Glasgow Wokal Field/Glasgow Intl KGGW 5002 Weather
Columbus Woltermann Memorial 6S3 3814 Weather
Winifred Woodhawk WH0 1200 Weather