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Airport Studies & Research

Airport Boardings Study

The Montana Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division gathers airline boarding statistics from the seven major air carriers in the state and the eight essential air service airports. These statistics compare the previous year's boardings and are compiled monthly.

Montana Boardings
2021 2020 2019 2018
2017 2016 2015 2014

Rates & Charges Survey

The Montana Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division produces and publishes an annual survey reporting various rates and charges at Montana's large and small airports.

For small airports, we monitor hangar charges along with fuel flowage fees, and other general notes. This information is voluntarily submitted by each airport.

Our Division also produces a much more detailed Rates & Charges Survey for the large commercial service airports. This large airport survey incorporates dozens of criteria for various rates and charges.

Both surveys are conducted annually and are usually updated in January.

General Aviation Airports - Rates and Charges Commercial Service Airports - Rates and Charges
2020 2020
2019 2019
2018 2018
2017 2017
2016 2016
2015 2015
2014 2014
2013 2013
2012 2012
2011 2011
2010 2010

Turf Airports

The Montana Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division has gathered studies on turf strips: