MDT Roles and Responsibilities / Frequently Asked Questions

MDT Roles and Responsibilities / Frequently Asked Questions

Awarded Bid Packages

Awarded Bid Packages

QA File Set Up

QA Contract File Builder Training
QA Contract File Setup - Concrete - Class General
QA Contract File Setup - Plant Mix Grade S

AASHTOWare Construction and Materials

Including but not limited to: Daily Work Reports, Samples, Change Orders, Estimates And Stockpiled Materials

AASHTOWare Project Login
Training Manuals
Cheat Sheets
Business Processes
Finalization Process - Outline | Flowchart
AASHTOWare CRL (Electronic Payrolls) User Guide


QA Suite Manual
Traffic Control (MUTCD)
Standard Specifications
Detailed Drawings
Materials Manual
Construction Administration Manual (CAM)
   Appendix A Construction Checklists
   Appendix B Construction Forms and Memos
   Appendix C Sample Change Orders
   Appendix D Field Nomenclature, Technical Information, Formulas and Measurement Techniques
   Appendix E Hot Plant Inspection Manual
   Appendix F Field Construction Crew Activities
   Appendix G Quality Assurance (QA) Inspection Guide
   Appendix H Materials Control

Traffic Control

For Traffic Control Plan Review and on-site Traffic Control Training contact the Construction Traffic Control Engineer listed below.

Work Zone Safety & Mobility Toolbox

Contact Information

Consultant Design Bureau
Ryan Dahlke, Consultant Design Bureau Chief, 406-444-7292

Traffic Control
Jeremy Wilde, Construction Traffic Control Engineer, 406-461-4667

AASHTOWare Training
Lori Amestoy, Engineering Training Supervisor, 1-877-406-4338

AASHTOWare Electronic Payrolls
Kathy Terrio, Prevailing Wage Compliance Specialist, 406-475-2258

AASHTOWare Help Desk - 1-877-406-4338
Please leave a message. We will be notified and will return your call.