What's all that noise?

The Environmental Hazardous Waste section conducts noise analyses for all highway projects which involve significant changes in alignment, addition of travel lanes, or new roads on new alignments.

MDT's Noise Policy (updated August 4, 2021)


Growing Neighborhoods in Growing Corridors: Land Use Planning for Highway Noise (2008)
Traffic Noise in Montana: Community Awareness and Recommendations for a Rural State (2004)

Air Quality

MDT's Hazardous Waste Section is also responsible for determining project level air quality conformity of transportation projects for the NEPA process. For a list of Montana's PM-10, PM2.5 and CO non-attainment areas, along with a listing of local monitoring stations, please visit:

DEQ's Air Quality Monitoring website

For questions about traffic noise or to comment on the policy, please contact:

Joe Radonich | 406-444-9204