The Bridge Investment Program (BIP) includes $2.34 billion in funding for Planning, Bridge and Large Bridge Projects that improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the movement of people and freight over bridges; and improve the condition of bridges in the United States by reducing the number of bridges, and total person miles traveled over bridges, that are in poor condition or at risk of falling into poor condition within the next three years. Projects fall under 1 of 3 categories:

  • Planning: planning, feasibility analysis, or revenue forecasting associated with the development of a project that would subsequently be eligible to apply for assistance under the BIP
  • Bridge: Eligible costs of $100 million or less
  • Large Bridge: Eligible costs of greater than $100 million

For BIP projects to be selected, the Department must determine that the project meets the Statutory Evaluation Requirements described below:

  • Costs avoided by the prevention or closure of a bridge to be improved
  • Benefits from scour or seismic protection
  • Reductions in maintenance costs
  • Safety benefits, including reduction of accidents and related costs
  • Person and freight mobility benefits, including congestion reduction and reliability improvements
  • Benefits from long-term resiliency to extreme weather events, flooding, or other natural disasters
  • National or regional economic benefits
  • Environmental benefits, including wildlife connectivity
  • Benefits to nonvehicular and public transportation users
  • In the case of bundled projects, benefits from executing as a group
  • Benefits of using innovative design and construction techniques or technologies
  • Benefits outweighing costs (benefit-cost analysis greater than 1.0)

FY 2023 NOFO Release Date: December 20, 2023

FY 2023 Submission Date: March 19, 2024

For additional detailed information, please see the FHWA BIP Webpage.

FY 2022 & 2023 BIP Grant Applications Submitted by MDT

Grant Application Name Project Type Grant Application Description Approximate Amount Requested
FY 2023 Applications
Flathead Sportsman’s Bridge Replacement Project Bridge Replacement of the bridge that extends across Flathead River on Montana Highway 82 near Bigfork, MT. $28,500,000
Montana’s Rural County Bridges Project Bridge Replacement of 34 off system bridges in 20 different counties across the state. $54,900,000
FY 2022 Applications
Eastern MT Timber Bridges Bridge Replace four aging timber bridges near the communities of Dodson, Forsyth, Baker, and Huntley. $11,200,000
Yellowstone Scour Critical Bridges Planning Feasibility of reconstructing 5 bridges over Yellowstone River that are scour critical. $5,000,000