Montana Codes Annotated

75-15-101: Outdoor Advertising - Montana Codes Annotated

Administrative Rules of Montana

18.6.2: Outdoor Advertising Regulations - Administrative Rules of Montana

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations e-CFR

Title 23 Part 750 eCFR

State Federal Agreement

State Federal Agreement

United States Code, 2017 Edition

Title 23, Section 131. - Control of Outdoor Advertising

Unlawful Signs

An unlawful sign is one which is erected and/or maintained in violation of the law. A sign is nonconforming if it was erected prior to the effective date of state law but does not conform to the law's requirements. The term "grandfathered" sign is often used in relation to nonconforming signs.

Unlawful sign
Signs cannot be affixed to trees, painted on rock, or any other natural resources.