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Corridor Planning Study Focus

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), in partnership with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and in coordination with the Great Falls MPO, developed a corridor planning study of Interstate 15 (I-15) in the Great Falls Area. The Great Falls Area Long Range Transportation Plan (2014) identified the need for an Interstate corridor study. The LRTP states that, "due to the need for improvements to both Emerson Junction and Gore Hill interchanges and other identified needs for added lanes and operational improvements on I-15 and I-315, an Interstate Corridor Study for the Great Falls area is recommended".

Final Corridor Planning Study Report

The goal of the study was to identify short- and long-term improvements that address the needs and objectives developed for the study area. The study identified feasible improvement options to address safety, operations, and geometric concerns within the study area and will include interchanges and ramps.

The study area included Interstate 15 (I-15) through Great Falls, beginning southwest of the Gore Hill Interchange (I-15 Exit 277) near Reference Post (RP) 277 and ending northwest of Emerson Junction (Exit 282) near RP 284. The study area also includes Interstate 315 (I-315) and 10th Avenue South west of the Missouri River (RP 95).

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