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Billings Area I-90 Corridor Planning Study

Billings Area I-90 Corridor


Community and Agency Involvement

Community and Agency Involvement Plan

Informational Meetings

September 13, 2011
February 28, 2012

Resource Agency Meeting

September 22, 2011


Issue 1 - September 2011
Issue 2 - February 2012

Final Study Report

Final Report
A: Community and Agency Participation Materials
B: Existing and Projected Conditions Report
C: Environmental Scan
D: Improvement Options Report

Billings I-90 Interchanges Project (2006)

Chapters 1-2
Chapter 3 | con't.
Chapters 4-5
Tables 1-12 | 13-22 | 23-34
Figures 1-6 | 7-17

A: Summary of Existing (2003) 24 Hour Count Data
B: Traffic Forecasts
C: Lane Width and Taper Lengths
D: Truck Turns
E: Intersection Sight Distance
F: Traffic Control (Signs and Markings)
G: Street and Highway Lighting
H: Capacity Improvement Alternatives