Montana Wildlife & Transportation Partnership - Summit Presentations

Summit presentations.

Summit presentations. Photo credit: MDT

The Summit agenda was structured to answer three main questions:

  • Where Are We Now?
  • Where Do We Want To Be?
  • How Do We Get There?

Participants worked to answer these questions through a series of presentations and breakout sessions intended to strengthen relationships while inspiring strategies for greater collaboration in planning and implementing wildlife accommodations. Presentations throughout the Summit were a means of recognizing and building on common ground among participating organizations in terms of their missions, mandates, constraints, and internal processes. The presentations also helped to develop a shared understanding of the challenges associated with wildlife and transportation considerations, as well as successes and opportunities illustrated by examples from other states and partnerships.

Summit Presentations:

MDT – D Rouse and T Martin, MDT

FWP – P Sihler, FWP

MSWP – L Craighead and R Callahan, MSWP

Snoqualmie Pass – B White and P Garvey-Darda, Washington State

Wildlife Movement and Transportation – J Gude, FWP

Road Ecology – M Huijser, WTI

Partnerships – R Ament, WTI

CSKT - US 93 Partnership – D Becker

CSKT - US 93 What’s Next – W Camel-Means