Note about attachments

While intended to offer a substantial amount of detail, these materials do not necessarily contain all the attachments provided to the Transportation Commission. Because of their file size, maps and other graphic elements are most often excluded from publication to the web. If you don't see what you need, please contact Lori Ryan at 406-444-7200. For the hearing impaired, the TTY number is 800-335-7592 or 406-444-7696, or call the Montana Relay at 711. Alternative accessible formats of pertinent information will be provided upon request.

Meeting Date Materials
Materials will be added as received.
January 24 – Conference Call Agenda Minutes
February 16 Agenda Minutes
March 7 – Conference Call Agenda Minutes
March 21 – Conference Call Agenda Minutes
April 18 – Conference Call Agenda Minutes
April 20 Agenda Minutes
May 9 Agenda Minutes
May 30 Agenda Minutes
June 21 Great Falls District Tour Agenda
June 22 Agenda Minutes
July 11 Agenda Minutes
August 1 – Conference Call Agenda Minutes
August 22 – Conference Call Agenda Minutes
August 24 Agenda Minutes
September 12 Agenda Minutes
October 3 Agenda
October 24 Agenda
October 26 Agenda
November 7 – Conference Call Agenda
November 28 – Conference Call Agenda
December 14 Agenda