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Visit MDT’s page on Roundabouts for more information.

Roundabouts work well at unconventional intersections, like this one, where traffic volumes fluctuate throughout the day. By eliminating the need for vehicles to come to a complete stop, roundabouts promote continuous traffic flow during all hours. Drivers simply slow down, look to their left, check for pedestrians, and then merge into the roundabout before traveling around the roundabout toward their destination.

Roundabouts Fewer Conflict Points

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“The City of Great Falls is considering a roundabout for the intersection of Watson Coulee, Vaughn Road, and 5th Ave NW to plan for future growth and continue executing the long-range transportation plan to keep Great Falls moving forward. A roundabout at this intersection allows for greater functionality and flexibility, which not only helps cement this area as a gateway to Great Falls but also simplifies a complex intersection before problems develop” – Jim Wingerter, Great Falls District Administrator.

Watch this video to see how roundabouts are a better way to get around.