A Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is comprised of a set of phases with associated activities and documents that should be addressed as part of a software development project.

At the time this research project was undertaken the Applications staff in the Information Services Division (ISD) at MDT was in the process of documenting and refining the formalized SDLC being used by ISD Applications staff for software development.

One of the reasons this research project was undertaken was to gauge whether or not the proposed SDLC being refined by MDT ISD Applications was in line with current industry best practices.

As the research project progressed, the research showed that the proposed SDLC which had been provided to the researchers did indeed follow industry best practices (see Section 2 of the final research report). Hence, MDT ISD Applications staff continued refining the MDT ISD SDLC with the understanding that the final SDLC phases and tasks would encompass those identified as following industry best practices.

Since the research results showed that the MDT ISD SDLC already satisfies current industry best practices there is no need to implement changes to the MDT ISD SDLC.

At most, future refinements to the MDT ISD SDLC may consider:

  1. Suggestions for enhancing the Requirements Development process.
  2. UML modeling approaches and strategies.


For information on the MDT ISD's current SDLC see:
MDT ISD System Development Life Cycle Guide, Version 2

Because the MDT ISD SDLC process is continually evolving, the documentation referred to via this link may not be complete and is subject to change. Questions regarding the MDT ISD SDLC can be sent via email.