The online Utility Permitting Administration System (UPAS) accommodates the permitting process and associated workflows, including a location repository that will improve information accessibility and usefulness for internal and external users.

Using UPAS, users can:

  • Notify MDT of utility maintenance work within the highway right-of-way.
  • Apply for a utility permit for new or upgraded installations in the right-of-way.
  • Access existing and proposed utility location data in the right-of-way.


  • Have an idea on how to improve UPAS? Submit your comments to us via email.


Okta is the State of Montana Secure digital identity platform that will allow you access UPAS system and any other advanced online services the State of Montana offers. Log into OKTA to access UPAS by accessing the following hyperlink and locate the MDT UPAS icon.

If you are experiencing OKTA login issues, please contact OKTA Support at 406-444-2000 option 2. They will be able to resolve all OKTA account set up and login issues.

Other Info

When planning to submit a permit, it's important to understand how many permits should be requested based on the project size and/or complexity. There may be advantages to entering more than one permit for the project. Please feel free to discuss this information with the District Utility Agents.