This webpage provides information on the SIAP review process for non-MDT projects that impact MDT facilities as nominated by MDT District/Area Office and Maintenance officials.

SIAP Project Reviews

Most proposals are reviewed and approved directly by District and Maintenance staff. Projects requiring multiple review services involving MDT Headquarters (HQ) staff (Traffic, Hydraulics, Construction, Surfacing, Right-of Way, Geotech, Environmental, or Legal) are nominated for coordinated SIAP review. SIAP projects are assigned an SIAP Coordinator to act as a single point of contact to facilitate completion of the project review.

SIAP review timelines are based on complexity of the proposed project. Generally, MDT requests 4-5 weeks to return comments on material submittals or requests for information. Material reviews can require multiple review iterations.

For more SIAP information please visit the Developer’s Guide to the Systems Impact Actions Process.