MDT is grateful for our employees who work every day to improve and maintain Montana’s transportation infrastructure. The MDT Employee Memorial was created to ensure that the individuals who have passed in the line of duty are not forgotten.

This memorial honors those employees who have tragically lost their lives while serving Montana, and is a reminder to drive safely, especially when passing through work zones.

The memorial is in the foyer of MDT Headquarters at the Dave Manning Memorial Building in Helena.

employee memorial at MDT headquarters

The following are employees who have lost their lives during service since 1959:

  • Jeffrey Dyekman, Billings District Construction, 2018.
  • Jason Rolls, Missoula District Maintenance, 2015.
  • Dixie DeCoudres, Glendive District Construction, 2011.
  • Betty Canoy, Great Falls Right of Way, 2004.
  • Gerald C. Bratlien, Great Falls Right of Way, 2004.
  • Frank Brzoticky, Great Falls Maintenance, 2003.
  • Eldon Patterson, Helena Equipment Shop, 1996.
  • Gary Steffensmier, Great Falls Maintenance, 1996.
  • Duane “Dewey” Novakovich, Glendive District Construction, 1991.
  • John Rife, Billings District Construction, 1988.
  • Rodney L. Phillips, Helena Traffic Engineer, 1986.
  • Baron “Skip” Gray, Missoula District Maintenance, 1983.
  • Gary Flaten, Glendive District Maintenance, 1980.
  • Harry Paulsen, Glendive District Maintenance, 1970.
  • Vernon Winship, Great Falls Equipment Shop, 1966.
  • Gerald Williams, Glendive District Maintenance, 1964.

If you have a loved one who lost their life during service to MDT, and whose name is not listed above, please complete the Application for Consideration. Applications will be reviewed by the MDT Employee Memorial Committee and presented to the Director, Deputy Director, and Chief Operations Officer for consideration.

Criteria for consideration includes:

  • Employed by MDT and working on a project or in the right of way.
  • The fatality meets the accidental death criteria established by the Workers Compensation Division of the Department of Labor and Industry.
  • The death occurred between 1959 and present.