MDT Urban Maps

Always up to date live Interactive Maps can be found here: Highway Systems | Functional Class

The Highway Systems maps include a designated system of highways that include both federal and state mandated systems for Montana. An interactive map of these system routes are available.

Highway Systems include:

  • the National Highway System (NHS) - includes the Interstate and other principal arterials as provided in Title 23, U.S.C.
  • the Primary Highway System - MCA 60-2-125(3)
  • the Secondary Highway System - MCA 60-2-125(4)
  • the Urban Highway System - MCA 60-2-125(6)

The six functional classifications for urbanized and urban areas include:

  • Interstate
  • Principal Arterials
  • Minor Arterials
  • Major Collectors
  • Minor Collectors
  • Local streets

The Detailed Urban System maps are copyrighted ©2023. All other maps are copyrighted ©2023. Hard copies of these maps can be ordered by calling the Geospatial Information Section at 406-444-6404.