US 191 bridge over the Gallatin River

US 191 bridge over the Gallatin River

MDT Templates & Measurement Forms

These templates are to be used when bridges are removed from the inventory list. These templates will not cover all cases and should be modified as needed to fit cases that are not covered. These templates are also available on SMS.

Title Comments
Archive Bridge – New Bridge Use this template when a bridge is replaced with a new bridge.
Archive Bridge – Culvert Use this template when a bridge is replaced with a new culvert.
Archive Bridge – Removed Use this template used when a bridge is removed and not replaced.

Measurement Forms

As the measurement forms are updated, they will be updated on the MDT Forms page. These forms are intended to be used when measuring steel or timber bridges. The form description document outlines what each form is intended to be used for. Print these forms to PDF before uploading to SMS.

View Measurement Forms

Concrete Bridge Measurement
Reinforced Concrete and Prestressed Concrete bridges and culverts cannot be load rated with measurements alone. The reinforcing steel and/or prestressing strand configurations inside the beams are needed. If you find a new concrete county bridge, contact the county for plans and if the bridge is prestressed, emphasize that you also need Shop Drawings. Most sets of plans do not have prestressing strand configurations on them. Prestressing info is typically in the shop drawings.