The On-the-Job Training Supportive Service (OJT/SS) program is funded with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) dollars and administered by MDT. OJT/SS funding is used to increase the overall effectiveness of MDT's OJT program in connection with Federal-aid highway construction projects, and to seek other ways to increase the training opportunities for individuals who are traditionally underrepresented in the highway construction industry.

Underrepresented individuals have been identified as minorities, women, and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds (target population). The intended result is to increase training opportunities for the target population and feed into the highway construction workforce pipeline.

MDT has elected to partner with entities within Montana that have existing highway construction training programs which result in at least one credential recognized by the highway construction industry (e.g. CDL, NCCER, etc.), and job-ready individuals who can perform at a minimum entry-level highway construction jobs.

OJT/SS Program Goals

MDT has established the following statewide goals. Selected partners are expected to contribute to MDT’s attainment of these goals.

  1. Recruit and enroll members of the target population to earn one or more industry-recognized credential(s) and obtain documented experience in the highway construction industry.
  2. Have at least 80% of students from the target population successfully complete the program while receiving a minimum of one industry-recognized credential within one year of enrollment.
  3. Place at least 65% of students from the target population, who successfully complete the program, in highway construction-related jobs.

For more details, please see the OJT/SS Program Description below.

Grant Funding Solicitation Information

MDT is not currently accepting applications.

Grant Application Materials

Prior Year Partnership Examples

  • Fort Peck Community College
  • Salish Kootenai College
  • A pilot project with Blackfeet Community College through the 2019 school year.

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