The Construction Program coordinates all activities connected with highway construction. This includes specification maintenance, bid preparation, letting, bid analysis, contract execution, contract administration, construction problem resolution and contractor payments.

Jake Goettle

Construction Engineer


Materials Bureau

The Materials Bureau tests all materials used in the construction of highways to make sure they meet contract specifications. Wide ranges of tests are performed on concrete, asphalt, soils, paint, water, fertilizer, oil, wood, metal and other products.

Jim Davies

Bureau Chief


Construction Contracting Bureau

The Construction Contracting Bureau lets to contract all highway projects in Montana's diverse and complex highway construction program. The bureau completes and produces final engineering documents, plans, specifications, and estimates; advertises, amends, lets to contract, and recommends award of contracts; and completes the award process for a multitude of civil engineering and highway construction projects for the Department. The bureau also maintains and distributes standard drawings, plan holders lists, standard road and bridge specifications, and posts to website. The bureau is also responsible for revising, maintaining, and updating the Contract Management System (CMS) and other automated systems associated with the contract letting process.

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The Construction Contracting Bureau is located in Room 101 in Helena at 2701 Prospect across from Walmart.


Darin Reynolds

Bureau Chief


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Construction Engineering Services Bureau

The Construction Engineering Services Bureau is responsible for issuing direction on technical construction issues, general construction issue resolution, claims process, construction oversight and uniformity, construction project reviews, implementation and follow-up of constructability and post construction review findings, change orders, value engineering proposal investigation and recommendations, non-uniformity complaint resolution, implementation of new construction processes and procedures, the Specifications Process, the Value Analysis Program, and the Constructability Program.

And administers the Contractor Payments/Estimates Program, construction contract administration to assure it meets federal funding/CFR requirements , administration of the Finalization Process, Project Modification & Final Voucher, Liquidated Damages Process, Labor Compliance Program, and the Subcontractor Approval Process.

Shane Pegram

Bureau Chief


Geotechnical and Pavement Bureau

The Geotechnical and Pavement Bureau is responsible for operations and activities related to geotechnical and pavement engineering. This includes performing subsurface investigations, laboratory testing, engineering analysis and design, and providing support to other areas within the department. The bureau is also responsible for the operation of MDT’s Pavement Management System, Pavement Surfacing Design, and pavement condition and data collection operations.

Jeff Jackson

Bureau Chief