The Information Services Division provides the products, services, security, and support necessary to maintain the information technology resources utilized statewide by the Department of Transportation. The division also provides records management services to assist the agency in managing their extensive departmental records. The Division includes the Infrastructure & Application Development team, the Business Operations team, Project Management, and Data Governance.

Michelle Hauer



Software & Data

The Software & Data Bureau team is responsible for network management, server and systems administration, desktop and mobile computer administration, database administration, and the entire lifecycle of software applications developed in-house to meet the needs of the agency. These include accounting systems, engineering systems, an extensive collection of GIS applications utilized throughout the agency, and a host of other critical systems central to the business of MDT.

Jack Dartman

Bureau Chief


Infrastructure and Operations

This team is responsible for IT customer service (help desk), the MDT cyber security program, IT project management, records management, and the financial operations of the Division.

John Levick

Bureau Chief


Project Management

Provides professional services in business analysis, project management, and program management to improve the processes and solutions needed by MDT business units.

Tamuna Cullison

Bureau Chief


Data Governance & Management

Provides a unified agency framework for data governance and management that emphasizes quality, safety, cost effectiveness, economic vitality, and sensitivity to the environment.