September, 2021

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) and KLJ Engineering are making great progress on the US 93/Kalispell Bypass intersection study.

MDT and KLJ Engineering are currently completing a study on the south end of the Kalispell Bypass. This study has been progressing through the summer and will continue through this fall with results and initial concepts available at the end of the year. This information will help determine intersection solutions for the Kalispell Bypass/US 93 and Basecamp Drive intersections.

Over the last few weeks, the KLJ Engineering project team has gathered detailed crash analysis, collected traffic data, and connected with local stakeholders along US 93 and adjacent to the study area to gather feedback. Based upon all of the information gathered and analyzed to date, the project team is now moving into the alternatives development phase for the initial intersection improvement concepts.

The study is very much still in progress. However, if you have additional feedback, comments, or questions, please email Becca at beccaXYZbigskypublicrelationsABCcom. All information received will be used to help inform the study team.

Updates will be provided as the study continues and results are determined.

June, 2021

Kalispell Bypass: US Highway 93 and Basecamp Drive Intersection Study Underway

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) in partnership with KLJ Engineering are moving forward with plans to study the Basecamp Drive and US Highway 93 intersection to determine the best possible configuration for future construction plans.

To provide a bit of background, KLJ Engineering studied the Basecamp Drive intersection in 2019 and presented potential intersection selection options to the public. These alternatives are located on the project webpage. While MDT is advancing on other intersections along this corridor, such as Foys Lake Road and Airport Road, the 2019 study identified a bottleneck traffic issue at the intersection of the Kalispell Bypass and US Highway 93. This has a ripple effect on the Basecamp Drive intersection configuration.

With this challenge in mind, MDT will proceed with an additional traffic analysis to study the Kalispell Bypass/US 93 intersection to determine the best solution for the Basecamp Drive intersection. The study will be conducted in the summer and fall of 2021 with results available towards the end of the calendar year. These results will then be used to determine suitable intersection configuration options in the coming year or two. The timeframe for construction will be determined once a design schedule and funding are determined.

Please email Becca at beccaXYZbigskypublicrelationsABCcom with questions or to subscribe for updates. You are also welcome to call the project hotline Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, at 406-207-4484 with questions.